A few short tips for pregnancy

1- Consumption of folic acid

Consumption of folic acid in the first trimester of pregnancy helps to develop the baby's nervous system.
According to the latest research from the American Medical Association, taking folic acid before pregnancy and in the first months of pregnancy reduces the risk of developing autism by up to 40%.
A study by the University of Sport Science in the United States found that children whose mothers took folic acid during and before pregnancy showed higher IQs than other children.
Folic acid plays an important role in the formation of brain cells in the fetus, and also plays a significant role in the prevention of spinal diseases, brain disorders due to defects in the nerve canal and heart problems.

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2- Vitamin A during pregnancy

Vitamin A is necessary for pregnant women but its excessive consumption.
They cause fetal abnormalities, so be careful because like
The sword has two edges.
There are two sources of vitamin A, beta-carotene and retinoids. Beta-carotene is a water-soluble form that can be obtained from plants. It is safe to take this type of vitamin A during pregnancy.
Another form of vitamin A is retinoids and can be obtained from animal sources such as liver, egg yolks and dairy products.
Excessive retinoid use can cause serious injury to the fetus. The US Food and Drug Administration recommends that pregnant women take vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene or a plant.
But you should not mistakenly eliminate the animal type, such as a fully cooked egg.
Vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy can cause the same side effects of overdose. Therefore, it should be consumed in appropriate amounts.
But during pregnancy, it is better to consume a very small amount of liver or to avoid eating it completely.

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